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Special Event Zones

Effective in 2022, Florida law authorizes the sheriff or chief administrative officer of a county or municipality to designate an area as a special event zone in response to a special event, defined as an unpermitted activity or event organized or promoted via a social media platform which is attended by 50 or more persons and substantially increases or disrupts the normal flow of traffic on a roadway, street, or highway. The law:

  • Doubles the statutory fine for any noncriminal traffic infraction that occurs within a special event zone.
  • Allows a law enforcement officer to impound a vehicle for up to 72 hours for any noncriminal traffic infraction or criminal traffic violation that occurs in a special event zone.
  • Authorizes a law enforcement officer to enforce occupancy limits in a special event zone.
  • Provides for the recovery of costs associated with designating and enforcing a special event zone from the organizer or promoter of the special event.

Information about future special event zones will be posted here when enacted.

Past special event zones:

JDM Beach Day: New Smyrna Beach (June 2023)

Daytona Truck Meet (June 2023)

'Orlando Invades Daytona'/Memorial Day Weekend (May 2023)

'Orange Crush 2K23' (May 2023)

Daytona Truck Event (June 2022)

Trucktoberfest (October 2022)

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