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Frequently Asked Questions

Giving Information

For anything related to a crime that is occurring now or any other emergency, call 911. If in doubt, be safe and call 911. For non-emergency reports, suspicious activity, or requests, call the non-emergency number for your area. To see a list of these numbers, click here.

The Sheriff's Office will respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to any request for police assistance. We always have Deputies on the road so there may not be personnel available at your local District Office. For a list of our non-emergency phone numbers, click here. We will send someone to your house or business when you call.

Some reports can be taken over the phone. The telecommunicator who answers your call will determine if your report can be handled over the phone.

No. You may make a missing person report whenever you realize someone is missing.

Yes. The Sheriff's Office depends on citizens calling to report crimes or suspicious activity. The receiving officer who takes your call will ask questions about the activity to determine its nature. The officer also will ask for descriptions of the people involved. You will be asked for your name and address, but you may decline to give this information and a Deputy still will respond. For a list of our non-emergency phone numbers, click here.

Call the Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit to request increased traffic patrol in your area. Click here for the phone numbers.

Yes. Calls to 911 on a cellular phone are free. Do not try to pursue a drunk driver or place yourself in any danger. When you call, you will be asked for a description of the car, its location and direction.

Telecommunicators are trained to get as much information as possible to determine the nature of the problem and its seriousness. On emergency calls, the Telecommunicator already has sent the information to a dispatcher while continuing to ask additional questions.

Getting Information or Help

If a person is injured in an accident and unable to call, the police agency handling the accident will notify his family. Traffic crashes in the municipalities of Deltona and Debary are handled by the Sheriff's Office. Crashes in the unincorporated areas, as well as Pierson, are handled by the Florida Highway Patrol. The other municipalities within Volusia County handle the traffic crashes within their jurisdictions. You may call the Sheriff's Office, local office of the Florida Highway Patrol or the appropriate city police department for information.

Call the Volusia County Branch Jail booking office at (386) 254-1540 or click here for more information.

You must wait three working days for a police report to become available. Then call the Records Section with the case number. If you do not have the case number, you will need the location of the incident, date, and any victim or suspect information. There is a per page/copy charge. The Sheriff's Record Section can be reached at (386) 239-7782 in Daytona Beach; (386) 736-5962 in West Volusia or (386) 423-3360 in New Smyrna Beach.

Call the District Office of the Deputy who took your report. Please have your case number and the investigator's name available, if possible. For a list of these numbers, click here.

You may obtain information and application packets at the Volusia County Sheriff's District, Operations or Administration offices. You also may contact the Florida Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing at (850) 245-5691 for an information packet and application forms.

This question and others regarding firearms in the State of Florida are answered in the Florida Firearms Guide. A copy of the laws relating to firearms is included in each concealed weapons application packet.

The Sheriff's Office will send a Deputy to keep the peace and prevent violence while you retrieve your belongings. Call the Sheriff's Office from a public telephone near where your belongings are, and a Deputy will go with you to the house. The Deputy only will be able to stand by for 15 minutes to help you retrieve personal items essential for your immediate living needs. The Deputy cannot help you move items such as furniture, dishes, or stereo. Removal of these items requires a court order.

Deputies cannot provide rides. For information on VOTRAN, Volusia County's public bus system, click here.

All requests for police service are prioritized based on the seriousness of the incident and the potential for injury or damage to property. At times, calls of a less urgent nature must be delayed so that Deputies can respond immediately to emergencies.

The police only can tow vehicles abandoned on public property. If it is on public property, the vehicle may be towed by a wrecker. In accordance with Florida State Statute, cost of such removal will be a lien against the motor vehicle. If it is on private property, the property owner must arrange with a wrecker service for the vehicle's removal. You should know that state law has certain restrictions the property owner must follow in these cases.

Eviction is a civil legal process requiring a court order. If you need advice about your specific legal situation, you should contact a lawyer. For information about the status of your case, or general information about evictions, call the Civil Section. For a list of these telephone numbers, click here.

Volusia County Animal Control is the County agency responsible for calls involving dogs, cats and other animals in unincorporated Volusia County. For more information, click here.

Because of the potential for damage to vehicles, the Sheriff's Office does not open locked vehicles. A locksmith is your best alternative. Check the listing under "Locksmith" in the yellow pages of your local telephone book. If a child is locked inside the vehicle, call 911. The Fire Department will send a rescue unit to remove the child from the vehicle, possibly by breaking a window.

The Sheriff's Office delivers only messages involving an emergency or life or death situations.

You may call your local District Office or Communications Office and request an "extra-patrol" property check. The information will be passed on to the Deputies who patrol your neighborhood. While the Sheriff's Office cannot "watch" your house, the patrol Deputies will try to check on it regularly. You may also go to your local District Sheriff Office and complete a form for the Citizen Observers to do a check on your residence while you are away.

Call Volusia County's Personnel Office at (386) 736-5951 or click here for information on available positions and job requirements.

First, report the calls to your telephone company and ask if they can investigate and trace the calls. If you know who the caller is and wish to prosecute, you can report it to the Sheriff's Office. A Deputy will talk with you and evaluate the situation.

Authentic police officers and departments in this county, including the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, do not solicit funds over the telephone. However, fraternal organizations, such as the Police Athletic League or the Fraternal Order of Police may make these kinds of calls. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to represent such an organization, please be careful. If you are not familiar with it, you may wish to ask the solicitor to send you information on the charity by mail. Never give your credit card number to anyone over the phone.

If you wish to donate volunteer services, rather than money, you can get further information on some of the Sheriff's Office's community programs by clicking here.

Civil Process

Call the Volusia County Sheriff's Office Civil Section at


All costs are established by the Florida Statute 30.231, call:


to obtain an exact amount according to the type and number of services you are requesting


Any and all documents to be served should be delivered to the Civil Section office nearest to the location where the process is to be served. The Civil Offices are open Monday thru Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are located at the following addresses:

  • 442 S Beach St
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114
  • 101 N. Alabama Avenue
    DeLand, FL 32720
  • 1691 Providence Blvd.
    Deltona, FL 32725
  • 101 East Canal Street
    New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

The mailing address is:

Volusia County Sheriff's Office
Civil Section
P.O. Box 2658
Daytona Beach, FL 32115

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