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Video: Man Armed With Knives Is Shot After Charging At Deputy

Date Added: February 05, 2023 8:19 pm

Andrew Gant
Office of Public Affairs & Media Relations


A man who armed himself with 2 knives during an erratic mental health episode at his parents’ home was shot and injured by a Volusia sheriff’s deputy when he advanced out the front door directly toward the deputy.

Michael Collmar, 43 (DOB 5/27/1979), was treated for his injuries by deputies on scene and then transported to the hospital, where he underwent surgery Sunday evening.

The call just after 1 p.m. Sunday at 3946 Lakeshore Drive, New Smyrna Beach, was the second call in the past 3 weeks involving Collmar acting erratically with 2 knives. Deputies previously responded to the house on Jan. 17 after his mother reported he was armed, screaming, paranoid and possibly hallucinating during an apparent mental health episode. He was not receptive to deputies’ attempts to communicate with him and connect him with counseling services.

*Warning:* Graphic video and audio

Sunday’s call brought similar circumstances, and deputies again attempted to negotiate with Collmar with no success. Eventually, after entering the house through a back door, deputies attempted using multiple Taser deployments and a less-lethal shotgun to subdue Collmar. Despite these efforts, Collmar headed out the front door where another deputy was stationed just outside the house. At about 2:38 p.m., the deputy fired as Collmar charged toward him. Collmar was shot and fell to the ground, where deputies then moved in to provide life-saving aid.

Collmar’s parents were not injured in the incident, and neither were any of the deputies involved.

Collmar was recently released from Florida prison in October 2022 after serving about 4 years for charges including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. His arrest in that case came after he stabbed a Port Orange man multiple times in July 2017. His Florida criminal history includes 31 felony charges with 17 convictions, and 33 misdemeanor charges with 19 convictions.

Previous calls for service at 3946 Lakeshore Drive this year include:

Jan. 6: Collmar called claiming he was hired to work for the CIA, DEA and FBI and wanted to meet with a deputy.

Jan. 8: Collmar was on the roof of the house and wouldn’t come down.

Jan. 15: Collmar falsely reported finding a little girl on the back porch.

Jan. 17: Previous incident involving Collmar armed with knives and exhibiting paranoia and delusions.

Feb. 4: Collmar called in requesting to talk about drug trafficking and child molestation.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement responded to conduct an independent investigation of the shooting, which is standard.

Sheriff Chitwood's media briefing can be viewed in full below:

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