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3 Arrested On Felony Littering Charges After Receipt Leads To ID

Date Added: June 28, 2024 2:21 pm

Three men have been arrested on felony littering charges after a receipt in an 860-pound pile of trash led to their identities.

Earlier this month, VSO deputies responded to a call about a huge load of trash dumped in the road in Pierson, right in front of the Lake George Wildlife Management Area entrance.

While deputies and citizens were moving the trash out of the road, Deputy Darcy found a Winn-Dixie shopping receipt for 2 cans of Bumble Bee tuna and 2 jugs of spring water. An empty tuna can and water jug were also in the trash pile.

Deputies took the receipt to Winn-Dixie and reviewed video surveillance of the transaction, which led to identification of a suspect and vehicle.

Through further investigation, deputies identified, located and interviewed multiple suspects, leading to a confession. The defendants had just completed an insulation job before they dumped the trash. One of the defendants admitted they knew it was a bad idea, but left it on a back road so they wouldn't have to deal with going to the dump.

The defendants are each charged with felony littering:

James Alan Dunne, 51 (DOB 9/22/1972), Daytona Beach

Connor James Dunne, 21 (DOB 12/3/2002), Ormond Beach

Kyle Richard Hayes, 24 (DOB 7/13/1999), Daytona Beach

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