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Karen Pierce Named School Resource Deputy Of The Year

Date Added: May 23, 2012 10:00 am

Karen Pierce Named School Resource Deputy Of The Year  Image

Gary Davidson
Public Information Officer

As a school resource deputy, Karen Pierce splits her time between Deltona High School and Galaxy Middle School in Deltona, acting as law enforcer, mentor, mediator, advisor and role model to hundreds of impressionable students. She also helps to maintain a safe environment on the school campuses for children, parents and faculty and strives to help guide students towards good life choices and a healthy understanding of the consequences of their actions. It’s a difficult and challenging job, and during the school year that’s coming to a close, no one did it better than Pierce.

On Wednesday, Pierce was named Volusia County’s School Resource Deputy of the Year for the 2011-12 school year. A closely-guarded secret, Pierce learned of her selection Wednesday afternoon when school officials surprised her with a plaque of recognition, several gifts and some balloons. Sheriff Ben Johnson praised Pierce for her work at the schools and said she was very deserving of the honor. “Not all law enforcement officers are cut out to be a school resource deputy,” said Sheriff Johnson. “Karen does the job exceptionally well and has earned the trust of the entire school system. She sets a good example for the students and is a valuable component of campus life. She has truly earned this award through her exemplary job performance.”

Principals at both schools also were filled with superlatives for Pierce, a Volusia County deputy since March 2005. Firm, but loving, bold, but meek, and a perfect fit for the school is how Deltona High School Principal Susan Freeman described Pierce in a letter nominating her for the award. “Her goal is to promote a positive relationship between law enforcement and the school community, which she has done effectively and professionally,” wrote Freeman. “She is firm, but loving; bold, but meek. She is truly an extraordinary individual.”

Galaxy Middle School Principal Julian Jones was equally complimentary about Pierce’s positive impact on the school campus. “Deputy Pierce not only recognizes her assigned role, but she actively seeks out opportunities to enrich her experience and ability to influence our students and faculty in a positive way,” said Jones. “She displays a caring and thoughtful approach to every part of her job on our campus.”

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