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Sheriff's Detectives Charge Teen With Shooting Classmate With Toy Gun

Date Added: December 10, 2021 3:00 pm

Sheriff's Detectives Charge Teen With Shooting Classmate With Toy Gun Image

Laura Williams
Office of Public Affairs & Media Relations


Sheriff’s deputies charged a 14-year-old River Springs Middle School student Friday after a 12-year-old classmate said the boy shot her with a toy gun from a vehicle window while she walked home from school Thursday with other children.

Kaegan Scorpio (DOB 9/26/2007) was charged with shooting a weapon/missile in a public or private building that could cause death or great bodily harm (Florida Statutes 790.19) a felony.

Deputies’ investigation determined the teen was a passenger in his sister’s vehicle which drove by the victim and other children walking along West Blue Springs Avenue, Orange City. The vehicle then turned around after two boys walking made contact with the vehicle’s occupants and were laughing. Kaegan was seen shooting from the window at other students, striking them also, and did not directly target the victim. 

The victim received a welt in her stomach from the gun, identified as an “Orbeez” toy blaster. She told deputies she didn’t know Kaegan but recognized him from school.

Detectives went to River Springs Middle School on Friday and learned that Kaegan had been identified in the incident. Kaegan told deputies that he found the toy gun when he got into the vehicle and he and two friends thought it would be funny to shoot it at their pedestrian friends.

The Orbeez gun could not be located Thursday. However, the model used is a SplatRball SRB400 Rechargeable Battery Powered Water Bead Gel Ball Blaster Kit (shown). The Orbeez is semi/full automatic and fires 200 feet per second. It fires water beads, gel balls or foam darts similar to paintballs.

In some cases, getting hit by the Orbeez can feel painful: From The Tullahoma Tennessee News:

More information:





Kaegan was charged Friday, screened by the Department of Juvenile Justice and then released to a family member’s custody pending a court date to be advised.

Deputies are looking into the possibility of related incidents and additional charges are possible.

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