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Sheriff Chitwood's Statement On Investigation Of Off-Duty Deputy, Leading To Arrest

Date Added: May 15, 2024 5:44 pm


5:44 p.m. Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Sheriff Mike Chitwood

Disappointing news regarding a now-former Volusia sheriff’s deputy.

On Monday, I was notified of allegations involving an off-duty deputy who attempted to engage in a sexual act with a female in an early-morning incident near Ridgewood Avenue in the city of Daytona Beach.

While the deputy was off duty and in plain clothes, it was reported he was operating an agency vehicle at the time of the incident.

The Daytona Beach Police Department has initiated a criminal investigation, which is continuing today. The Sheriff’s Office will provide anything and everything DBPD needs to conduct a complete and thorough investigation that determines exactly what occurred.

While DBPD has not filed criminal charges at this time, the conduct as initially described is obviously unacceptable.

Upon learning of the allegations, I immediately began the process of terminating the employment of Stephen Corbin, who has been a deputy since May 2015.

Rather than face termination, Corbin tendered his resignation the same day.

To say I’m disappointed in his behavior is an understatement. His actions not only discredit his own name, but tarnish the Sheriff’s Office badge and the reputation of our entire organization.

Like any profession, ours hires from the human race. We don’t have the technology to detect each person’s character flaws, assess their integrity or predict all their future conduct.

We do have a responsibility to act decisively when someone’s character falls short of the public’s expectations. This person will not be a deputy sheriff in our community, and his badge will be melted down so it won’t represent this agency in the future.

Again, the Sheriff’s Office will cooperate fully with the investigation of this matter, and I will defer to DBPD on releasing the details of the case when the investigation allows.



Daytona Beach Police Department News Release

Subject: Volusia Sheriff Deputy Arrested
Date: May 15, 2024
Case Number: DB240007132


On May 13, 2024, the Daytona Beach Police Department was contacted by a victim, reporting a sexual assault. Per the victim's statement, they were approached in the South Ridgewood corridor by a white male, operating a marked Volusia Sheriff's patrol car, wearing plain clothes. The suspect was later identified as Stephen Corbin, a Volusia Sheriff Deputy.

The victim alleges Corbin held them against their will, and verbally threatened arrest if they did not engage in a sexual act. The victim was able to negotiate release from the vehicle and subsequently called Daytona Beach Police. DBPD conducted an investigation, and based on evidence, it's believed that Corbin assaulted a second victim earlier in the day on May 13, 2024.

Detectives established Probable Cause to arrest Stephen Corbin. He is charged with Bribery (x2), Battery (x2), False Imprisonment (x2), and Solicitation to Commit Prostitution (x2). Corbin was arrested this evening at the police station and is currentty in custody. There is no bond.

If you have any infonnation related to this investigation, please call the Criminal Investigations Division at 386-671-5202.


UPDATE: 5/16/24

Sheriff Mike Chitwood answers questions from the media about the arrest of a now-former VSO deputy who is charged with bribery, battery, false imprisonment, and solicitation to commit prostitution.

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