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VCSO Spotlights Good Work Of 3rd Quarter 2017

Date Added: November 03, 2017 4:05 pm

VCSO Spotlights Good Work Of 3rd Quarter 2017 Image

Laura Williams
Office of Public Affairs & Media Relations 


Ten members of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office were recognized Friday for their exemplary work during the third quarter, including six employees noted for their outstanding teamwork, heroic actions and life-saving measures on Nov. 14, 2016, in response to a report of a suicidal person.  

A Unit Commendation was presented to Sergeant Cody Cochran, Sergeant Keith Peck, Deputy Stephen Corbin, Deputy Corey Rittenour, Deputy James Seyboldt and Telecommunications Supervisor Christina Crane for their roles in handling this dramatic incident.

That day, our Communications Center advised that a woman reported her husband sent a text message stating he had taken some pills. The woman said her husband suffered from PTSD and owned a gun shop inside their home. The woman and two young children had escaped through a bathroom window and were hiding in woods behind the house, but a third, older child fled earlier and his location was unknown.

When deputies arrived, they concealed themselves and scanned the property and home. As they approached the residence, they spotted the subject arguing with a young boy in the driveway. As the deputies identified themselves and approached the man, they ordered him to get on the ground. Instead, he ran to the garage, drew a weapon and began firing on the deputies. Deputy Seyboldt was able to get the young boy down behind an SUV during the gun battle; Sergeant Peck then took the child to safety while deputies covered the house.

Telecommunications Supervisor Crane had learned there were security cameras in the home and she was able to access the cameras, enabling her to give deputies information about the suspect. When the suspect appeared to be down and not moving from the security camera view, the deputies approached cautiously and determined that he had received a gunshot wound to the head.

Sergeant Cochran, Sergeant Peck, Deputy Corbin, Deputy Rittenour, Deputy Seyboldt, and Telecommunications Supervisor Crane performed their duties in an exemplary manner and distinguished themselves with utmost professionalism and sound tactical ability, which saved lives. Their actions reflect the highest standards of expertise and training and bring honor to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Telecommunicator of the Quarter Christina Crane was recognized for her efficient and conscientious performance when handling this call. During the incident, she provided the deputies with real-time updates that, along with the deputies’ professional actions, prevented loss of life for the deputies and the child on scene. Her proficiency and training are an asset to the Communications Center and the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy of the Quarter Steven Woell was honored for his proactive approach to law enforcement and his exceptional motivation and initiative. During third quarter 2017, Deputy Woell’s actions resulted in recovery of three stolen vehicles and arrests of the subjects in possession of the vehicles. On Aug. 12, Deputy Woell located a stolen truck with North Carolina tags in Daytona Beach. He spoke with people in the truck; they confessed to stealing the vehicle and were arrested. On Sept. 14, while on patrol in a motel parking lot in Daytona Beach, Deputy Woell ran a tag on a parked vehicle. The tag came back stolen; he contacted the hotel staff and tracked the room number of the guest who registered the vehicle. Deputy Woell spoke with the subject in his room and that person was arrested. On Sept. 27, Deputy Woell observed a truck driving through a wooded area in Daytona Beach. He ran the tag and determined the vehicle was stolen out of Holly Hill. When the vehicle pulled into a parking lot, Deputy Woell attempted to talk with the subject, but the man ran. After a chase, Deputy Woell was able to apprehend the subject and arrest him.

Deputy Woell’s actions reflect the highest standards of the law enforcement profession and bring honor to both himself and to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Detective of the Quarter Miguel Roman was recognized for his diligence, attention to detail and ability to think outside the box to solve crimes and apprehend criminals. Detective Roman successfully investigated and solved several cases including: A credit card theft from an assisted living facility that led to two known criminals who committed other crimes throughout Deltona; extensive research into a vehicle lead from a citizen’s surveillance video that resulted in the arrest of a suspect who stole thousands of dollars of property throughout Deltona; a business burglary with a person of interest but no evidence linking him to the crime; and a stolen gun case where tracking down the victim’s gun initiated a complex investigation culminating in the arrest of three people and the recovery of five firearms and a significant amount of ammunition.

Detective Roman’s commitment and resolve while investigating his cases have contributed to a significant decrease in Deltona crime this year and establish the standard for other detectives to emulate.

Employee of the Quarter Frederick Wenk was honored for his initiative, diligence, and resourcefulness as he has tackled new projects as the Materials Coordinator. In addition to his regular assignments, Fred took the initiative to learn tailoring skills and became the sole tailor for the Sheriff’s Office. His daily tailoring requests come from sworn members, school crossing guards, volunteers and civilians. In addition, Fred served as the liaison to purchase the new personalized badges and accompanying wallets for sworn personnel; coordinated with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Foundation to buy several items, including engraved weapon lights and holsters for deputies; and he’s been instrumental in the roll-out of the new sworn uniforms.
Fred’s skills, adaptability and commitment establish the standard for others to follow.

Volunteer of the Quarter Earl D. Bennett was recognized for his initiative, organizational skills and willingness to assume new assignments at District 2. Earl volunteered to transfer to District 2 to assist with entering the paper and digital FI Cards and trespass warnings. As the FI Card procedures had changed, Earl studied the new manual and learned the new procedures on his own. Initially, to catch up a significant backlog, he volunteered extra days weekly. He then took over the entire project, streamlined the process and caught up the entries. Earl has extensive VCSO-computer system knowledge due to his many volunteer years at Central Records and District 4. His skills and professionalism are an asset to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and establish standards for other volunteers to emulate.

The Problem Solving Award Citation goes to Senior Deputy Randy Post for his innovative and cost-effective method of relocating the rifle racks in the VCSO marked patrol cars.
In early 2017, it became apparent that the patrol car rifle racks needed to be relocated in the vehicles. Training personnel began to brainstorm ideas on how to do that without incurring substantial costs. Senior Deputy Post, whom Chief John Creamer called the agency’s “MacGyver” after the resourceful TV character, began developing a method to relocate and restructure the racks. He suggested converting the dual-rifle racks into a single system and re-installing them in the trunk of the VCSO-issued patrol cars.
This was a cost-effective solution to the problem. Senior Deputy Post volunteered to manufacture and install the altered rifle racks using the gun-maintenance facility at the VCSO’s Deputy Stephen Saboda Training Center. The original project would have cost $73,800; however, Senior Deputy Post completed the project, spending $14,000, which saved the agency $60,000. Senior Deputy Post’s resourcefulness, efficiency and expertise are worthy of recognition.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood recognized the honorees and thanked them for their service during a brief ceremony Friday morning at the VCSO’s Training Center in Daytona Beach. The Sheriff’s Office congratulates all of these honorees and sincerely appreciates their efforts.

Shown from left: Deputy Cody Cochran, Detective Miguel Roman, volunteer Earl Bennett, Fred Wenk, Telecommunications Supervisor Christina Crane, Chief John Creamer, Sgt. Keith Peck, Deputy Corey Rittenour, Deputy James Seyboldt, Deputy Steven Woell and Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

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