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Don't Be Taken In By The Bank Examiner Scam

Date Added: March 03, 2016 11:05 am

Unfortunately, old scams never really seem to go away.

Instead, they come back over and over again, each time with a slightly new twist designed to smooth-talk you out of your hard-earned savings. So what's the best way to avoid becoming a victim? Learn the tell-tale signs of a con, gimmick or come-on so you'll recognize the scam and walk away or simply just hang up the phone.

The bank examiner scam us one of the oldest and most common scams around. Like most scams, this ones preys upon the generosity, kindness and trusting nature of the victim. Here's how it works: Generally, the con artist draws the victim into the scheme by asking for assistance in catching a dishonest teller. The con artist instructs the victim to withdraw a large amount of  cash and turn it over to someone posing as a bank examiner investigating a teller suspected of stealing money from the bank. The con artists will give a variety of explanations, claiming they need to check the serial numbers, do an audit or mark the currency and deposit it to see if the dishonest teller pockets any of the money. The swindler promises to return the money once the investigation is completed, but of course, the con artist - and your money - quickly disappear.

Bank examiners would never ask to use your money in an investigation. If you receive a call or solicitation like this, please contact the Sheriff's Office or your closest law enforcement agency. If you or someone you love becomes a victim, don't be too embarrassed to report the crime. Con artists are extremely skillful and manipulative, and anyone can become a victim. The information you provide may be just enough to catch a thief, warn others or prevent someone else from becoming a victim.

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