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Deputies Arrest Naked Deltona Man for Violating No-Contact Order; Multiple Guns Seized

Date Added: December 11, 2019 1:59 pm

Deputies Arrest Naked Deltona Man for Violating No-Contact Order; Multiple Guns Seized Image

Contact: Laura Williams, Office of
Public Affairs & Media Relations

No One Injured as Nude Defendant Taken into Custody With Multiple Guns in Home

A Deltona man who violated a no-contact order by calling his wife 23 times was arrested at home Tuesday afternoon on a felony warrant for aggravated stalking.

Larry Tague, 64, (DPB 06-7-55) had initially been arrested Dec. 6 and charged with battering his wife. As part of his pretrial conditions, Tague signed a no-contact agreement Sunday prohibiting him from contacting his wife.

However, on Monday, his wife reported that he immediately violated the agreement by calling her phone 23 times and leaving 14 voicemails and she wished to pursue charges. An affidavit was signed for Tague’s arrest due to violating the order.

It took two tries before deputies successfully arrested Tague at the couple’s home in the 300 block of Mitnik Drive.  During the first attempt, deputies approached the home at 3 a.m., rang the doorbell and immediately took cover because they could see through a window that an apparent rifle was leaning against a wall.

Tague answered the door without wearing any clothes and had his right hand behind his back, concealing a handgun, but he abruptly shut the door before deputies could identify themselves. Additional deputies arrived and a perimeter was set up, with multiple attempts and phone calls to get Tague’s attention to come to the door but no contact was made with him so deputies left.

Later Tuesday, deputies again attempted an arrest, this time with a felony arrest warrant in hand. Tague’s brother told deputies Larry Tague was home alone – his wife was staying with a friend – and Tague was acting strangely, walking around inside the home naked with multiple firearms close by.

Deputies made several PA announcements ordering Tague to come out. He walked outside the home nude where he was taken into custody without incident and no one was injured. Several firearms were recovered, including a .50-caliber rifle. A Risk Protection Order has been filed, which allows a judge to determine whether the weapons may be returned to Tague.   

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