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Sheriff's Office Honors Employees Of The Quarter

Date Added: May 11, 2004 11:00 am

May 11, 2004
Brandon Haught
Public Information Office 


Deputy Anthony Zimmerer, investigator Jim Gabriel and employee Gerald Krug were honored this week as the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office’s top employees for the 1st quarter of 2004.  All three were presented plaques at an awards ceremony Tuesday in Daytona Beach. “We’re proud of what our people do for the department,” said Sheriff Ben Johnson to the award winners. 

Deputy Anthony Zimmerer of the Daytona area district office was congratulated for his determination and calm, clear thinking during high-stress situations. During a two-week period, aggressive individuals confronted Zimmerer on three separate occasions, forcing him to take control of dangerous situations. Zimmerer maintained exceptional command of each incident to include talking a suicidal person into putting down a butcher knife and restraining a combative man who hit and kicked Zimmerer, causing an abrasion on his retina and other painful bruising. According to his supervisor, Sgt. Bernie Socha, “Deputy Zimmerer always arrives early, leaves late and is anxious to get to work.” Zimmerer is also a volunteer with SWAT and has attended Neighborhood Watch meetings as a representative of the Sheriff’s Office.

Investigator of the Quarter Jim Gabriel was recognized for his tireless work on background investigations required for the hiring of sworn and civilian employees. His supervisor in Internal Affairs, Lt. Robert Matusick, praised Gabriel’s work ethic and his amazing ability to always be ready with his presentations for staff meetings. “Jim always does his job and never complains about the case load handed to him,” said Matusick.

Gerald Krug was praised for his work in the Sheriff’s inventory department. Krug expertly handled the refitting, testing and retesting that were required for the Sheriff’s Office’s new body armor. He coordinated intricate scheduling to make sure this task was done to everyone’s satisfaction. Additionally, Krug dealt with a new refueling card system that was recently adopted. This involved fielding complaints and solving problems related to keeping patrol vehicles fueled. “We really want to thank you for all that you do,” said Sheriff Johnson.

Volunteer of the quarter Doug Howe was not able to attend the ceremony, but will be presented his plaque at a later date. Howe is a valued volunteer at the New Smyrna Beach area district office’s civil section.

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